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The Basque Country is very easy to get to by air, road and rail from the main cities in Spain and Europe.

By air

The Basque Country has three airports, all with excellent facilities for the transport of passengers and goods, and these are located on the outskirts of the main cities.

By ferry

From March 2011 a ferry service will run from Bilbao (Santurtzi) to Portsmouth (United Kingdom) with Brittany Ferries.http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/guides/port-guide/bilbao-terminal

By bus and coach

There are many bus and coach routes that provide a service to the Basque Country each day, providing frequent urban and inter-city services. There are also coaches arriving in our capital cities from different points around Spain and from other European countries.

Main bus stations

Urban and inter-city buses and coaches
Bilbao.Urban bus service. Bilbobushttp://www.bilbao.net/cs/Satellite?cid=3000048804&language=es&pagename=B...

Inter-city coaches Bizkaibus.http://www.bizkaia.net/home2/Temas/DetalleTema.asp?Tem_Codigo=195&idioma=CA

Donostia- San Sebastian.City bus service provided by d. bus.http://www.dbus.es/esInter-city coaches Lurraldebus.http://www.enterat.com/servicios/autobuses-gipuzkoa-lurraldebus-interurb...

Vitoria- Gasteiz.Urban bus service. Tuvisahttp://www.vitoria-gasteiz.org/we001/was/we001Action.do?idioma=es&aplica...

Inter-city coacheshttp://

By rail

The railway is one of the main transport networks within the Basque Country. Both the capitals of the three historical territories and some of the Basque towns have railway stations that connect our community with the rest of Spain and even with other European countries. While the Feve narrow-gauge railway line connects Bizkaia with the entire Cantabrian Coast, EuskoTren connects the territories of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. Lastly, using Renfe it is possible to reach the main capitals within Spain.The "Basque Y" is currently being constructed. This is the new railway network for the Basque Country and it will lead to the main population centres within the region being connected up via a rapid, modern and sustainable means of transport. It will be a mixed network and will therefore transport both people and goods. In addition, with this infrastructure the Basque Country will have a system meeting the specification of the Trans-European High-Speed Network. www.euskalyvasca.com

Bilbao Abando Indalecio Prieto Station. RENFEhttp://www.renfe.com/

Atxuri EuskoTren Station http://www.euskotren.es/

Bilbao Concordia Station. FEVEhttp://www.feve.es/es/

Donostia- San Sebastian.Amara Station. EuskoTren.http://www.euskotren.es/

Donostia- San Sebastián North Station. RENFEhttp://www.renfe.com/

Vitoria- Gasteiz.

RENFE Intermodal Goods Station.http://www.renfe.com/ Vitoria- Gasteiz RENFE Station.http://www.renfe.com/

Vitoria- GasteizEuskoTran Vitoriahttp://www.euskotren.es/euskotran/flash.html
MetroBilbao Metrohttp://www.metrobilbao.net/

By car

Driving permit

If you have a driving licence from outside Spain:

Exchanges and equivalences for licences issued outside Spain:http://www.dgt.es/portal/es/oficina_virtual/conductores/canje_permisos/

Car rentalCar rental companieshttp://www.turismoa.euskadi.net/s11-19144x/es/?searchGUID=r01kpd0011266c...

Parking The Basque cities have many large public car parks to make the task of parking your car as easy as possible. In addition, most of these car parks are open 24 hours a day.

Car parkshttp://www.turismoa.euskadi.net/s11-19148x/es?r01kQry=tC:euskadi;tF:turi...

OTA This is a rotation parking system through payment in parking meters and it limits the parking time allowed.

OTA Bilbaohttp://www.bilbao.net/ota/castellano/info_gral.htm

OTA DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁNhttp://www.donostia.org/tao-ota/zonasc.htm

OTA VITORIA-GASTEIZwww.vitoria-gasteiz.org/ota


Road network

The Basque Country has an extensive modern network of motorways, dual carriageways and roads that provides a connection with both the main European cities and different destinations within Spain.
Road mapshttp://www.turismoa.euskadi.net/s11-18962/es/