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Engineering & Technology

Arriaga Kalea, 2 - E-20870 ELGOIBAR (Gipuzkoa)


Tel.: (34) 943748000 Fax: (34) 943743804

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Aimed at the study and improvement of composite part manufacturing processes, which can lead to the manufacture of machines and devices that would allow operations to be automated that currently are carried out manually.
Moreover, it is collaborating in order to introduce composites in sectors and applications which, due to production difficulties, are considered unsuitable or inaccessible.
For this purpose, we have devoted a closed space of 100 m2 for research into materials processing, covering the various technologies and operations involved: placing of dry or pre-impregnated material in different formats and fabrics, impregnation by different techniques, cutting, gluing and curing, all supported by inspection and verification techniques of the processes and manufactured parts.
To this end, we have invested in the acquisition of equipment for testing the infusion process, moulding and curing, final part inspection equipment and process simulation systems. We have also devoted a space for the location of demonstrator prototypes that are already in the development phase and that, once tested in the laboratory, must be used as a basis for the development of industrial devices.