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Euro EA Elemental Analyzer (CHNS)


This technique provides the content of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur which are present in a sample. The analytical method is based on the complete and instantaneous oxidation of the sample via combustion with oxygen at an approximate temperature of 1020° C. The combustion products are transported by the gas carrier to a chromatographic column where separation is carried out. A thermal conductivity detector provides the signal for each element which is then translated to a percentage content.

Applications: organic and inorganic samples can be analysed from diverse origins such as polymers, pharmaceutical products, foods, agricultural products, fuels and sediments, etc.
Features of the samples: the samples (non-volatile solid or viscous liquid) must be homogenous, pulverized as much as possible in the case of solids and free of solvents
The samples must not contain mercury
Minimum amount of sample: 10 mg