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Gas Chromatograph & Mass Spectrometer with Time-of-Flight Analyzer (TOF)

Agilent 6890N

This equipment is used for identification and structural eludation. It consists of electronic impact and chemical ionization probes, enabling work to be carried out in both positive and negative mode, and a flight-of-time analyzer capable of analysing molecular weight samples.

The chromatograph, in turn, is equipped with an automatic sample injection system, which enables analyses to be speeded up. On the other hand, the spectrometer is equipped with a probe for direct insertion of samples. This expands the area of application of the equipment even further, as non-volatile and/or degradable samples of greater molecular weight can be analysed which cannot otherwise be inserted using the chromatograph.

It is important to point out that, although there is desktop GC-MS equipment at the UPV/EHU, this is the only mass spectrometry equipment at the University that enables samples to be directly inserted and is equipped with chemical ionization.