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Nanosecond lasers and auxiliary equipment

Brucker Daltonics REFLEX - MALDI spectrometer

MALDI spectrometer (Brucker Daltonics). Lent by CIC Biogune.
Nd:YAG 1 J laser (Quantel)/colouring/frequency mixture for IR.
Nd:YAG 1.5 J laser (Quantel)/two-colouring pumping, with frequency doublers and triplers.
Lambda Physik Scanmate model laser, with duplicator.
LEXTRA model excimer laser model/colouring with doubler and tripler.
Excimer laser for ablation and IR time-resolved spectometer.
TOF mass spectrometer, vacuum systems, turbomolecular and rotating pumps, supersonic expansion systems, etc., and their electronics.
ZEKE spectrometer, vacuum systems, turbomolecular and rotating systems, supersonic expansion systems, etc., electronics and control.
LIF spectrometer, with scattered emission, 1 m monochromator and intensified CCD chamber.
Auxiliary material: power gauges, oscilloscopes, vacuum gauges, etc.