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Transmission electron microscopy


200kV transmission electron microscopy and high resolution TECNAI G2 20 TWIN. Equipped with LaB6 filament, digital image system and ±70° tilt. Includes:
- STEM unit with light field/dark field detector.
- X-ray microanalysis unit (EDX), made by EDAX.
- Low dosis exposure technique.
- Cryomicroscopy. Single-tilt cooling sample holder (±70°)(Gatan 626 DH model) with temperature control up to liquid nitrogen (Gatan 900 model).
- Beryllium double-tilt sample holder.
- Single-tilt sample holder.
- Ultramicrotome used to cut hard polymeric materials with a Tg over ambient temperature.
- Cryo-chamber that is adjusted to the ultramicrotome to obtain low temperature cutting, indicated for soft
- Tg materials under ambient temperature.
- Vitrobot Mark IV to prepare samples in solution to be measured by cryomiscroscopy.