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Ultrafast liquid chromatography & Water-Mass Spectrometry HDMSTM SYNAPTTM

UPLC Acquity - Waters QTOF G2

This equipment consists of an ultra-fast liquid chromatography (UPLC) coupled to a photodiode array detector (DAD) and a tandem mass spectrometer (QTOF) mass and high resolution accurate ionization with ESI sources, ESCI, APCI and MALDI. It is designed to provide high resolution of 40000 FWHM, mass accuracy around 1 ppm, high sensitivity and scan speed and versatility in the ways of scanning through the cell Triwave: MS, MSE, MS2, MS3.
It also has the following software:

MassLynx V4.1: instrument control and processing
Metabolynx: metabolic mapping automatically
Markerlynx: metabonomics study (peak detection, peak integration, peak alignment and statistical analysis)
Massfragment: intelligent structural elucidation
Chromalynx: automatic processing of complex chromatograms composed of many components that can be not well resolved
MALDI imaging: image acquisition tissues
This equipment is designed for researchers who are operating within the limits of conventional mass spectrometry capabilities and need to characterize and define their samples quickly in-depth at a qualitative and quantitative level.
Fields of application: food safety, clinical, metabolite identification, metabonomics, method development and structural elucidation of organic compounds.