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Ultrashort pulse laser system

Titanium-sapphire laser oscillator (Coherent Mira) + Oscillator pumping laser (Coherent Verdi) + Titanium-sapphire regenerative amplifier (Coherent Legend)

This femtosecond laser is an oscillator and a regenerative Ti: sapphire amplifier whose output is a pulse train of 40 fs. And 2 mJ. The team of femtoseconds also includes two parametric amplifiers (OPA), tunable in the range 240-2100 nm. Recently extensions have been implemented to the system which allow tuning the system to 200 nm.

Titanium-sapphire laser oscillator (Coherent Mira).
λ≈ 800 nm
Duration: 20 fsec/pulse
Rep. rate:78 MHz
Energy (pulsed): 0.5 w

Oscillator pumping laser (Coherent Verdi). (5 w, cw.).
Titanium-sapphire regenerative amplifier (Coherent Legend).
λ≈ 800 nm
Duration: 40 fsec/pulse
Rep. rate:1 KHz
Energy (pulsed): 2.5 w

Amplifier pumping laser (Coherent Evolution).
Optical parametric amplifier (OPA). (Coherent OPERA). Range: 300nm-2100nm.
Second and third harmonics generator. Minioptic Technology.
Pulse Picker (external Pockels cell) for modification of the repetition frequency of the amplifier output.
Complementary material: optical delay line, mirrors, lenses, prisms, polarizers, etc.
Wiley-McLaren-type mass spectrometer.
Instruments for the diagnosis of generated pulses: FROG, power meters, optic fibre compact spectrometer.