Materials Development and Characterization Research groups

This group aims (i) to produce new materials of relevance for thermal energy storage applications (such as molten salts, nano-fluids, metal alloys, carbon-activated foams), and (ii) to develop new experimental methods for their thermo-physical, mechanical and compatibility characterization.

The experimental methods will make use of the CIC experimental platforms and facilities. Between them we cite: Thermal Analysis Platform (DSC- differential scanning calorimeter, LFA - laser flash apparatus, DIL - Pushrod dilatometer, STA - simultaneous thermal analysis, QMS - quadrupole mass spectrometer), X-Ray diffraction platform, Electron microscopy platform (High resolution TEM/STEM, SEM, FEG), Surface analysis unit, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Thermal storage testing facility.

The group is active in all the area activities:

  • Packed-bed thermal storage: material and storage system development

  • Nano fluids for SHS & LHS Materials for Seasonal Heat Storage

  • Metal Alloys: material characterization and storage system testing

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Physical Sciences

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  • Energy
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Abdessamad Faik
Parque Tecnologico C/Albert Einstein 48 CP 01510 Minano (Alava) Spain
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  • Sensible Heat Storage, SHS
  • Latent Heat Storage, LHS