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Carbon Bionanotechnology Lab

The mission of the Carbon Bionanotechnology Group is the design and synthesis of tailored Carbon Nanostructures for bio-nanotechnology applications and solar energy conversion through biomimetic approaches. The group explores new synthetic protocols and new analytical methods, enabling innovative, controlled and reproducible ways toward the designer functionalization of carbon nanostructures, such as fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene and carbon nanodots.Research lines

  • Nano-Neurosciences: Evaluation of nanomaterials based on carbon nanotubes and graphene for interaction with nerve cells and spinal cord tissue. This approach shows a high potential for addressing incurable cases of spinal cord lesions.
  • Nano-catalysis for water splitting, reduction of oxygen to hydrogen peroxide, reduction of alcohols to hydrogen, reduction of CO2 to formate.
  • Carbon Nanodots: synthesis and applications of carbon nanodots, namely small, fluorescent, quasi-spherical nanoparticles with a high potential in photonics and biology.
  • Science and technology of 2D materials: graphene and MoS2 are among the more promising materials nowadays, with a wide variety of potential applications.

 Additional Information. Group Website: http://personal.cicbiomagune.es/mprato/