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Device Prototyping & Testing

This group aims to design, to realize and to manage thermal loop facilities at high temperature in order to allow the testing of lab-scale thermal storage units. The group supports all experimental campaigns that are performed by using the storage units.

The group is managing a thermal oil loop for working temperatures up to 400 degrees Celisus, which allows the investigation of thermal storage materials and systems under realistic operation conditions. Such a loop is now used to perform experimental campaigns on a latent heat storage unit with eutectic metallic alloys as phase changing materials.

The group is designing an air loop for working temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius, in order to allow the testing of a storage units based on a packed bed, as a storage material, and on air, as a heat exchange fluid.

The group is engaged in the following research activities:

  • Packed-bed thermal storage: material and storage system developmen

      Main Research Lines: 
      Sensible Heat Storage, SHS
      Latent Heat Storage, LHS