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Engineering & Technology

Arriaga Kalea, 2 - E-20870 ELGOIBAR (Gipuzkoa)


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This laboratory gives a clear indication of IK4-IDEKO's commitment to ultra-precision, not only aimed at miniaturisation and the micro world but it also significantly covers the macro world, where there is already a considerable demand.

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The ultra-precision metrology laboratory. To support our ultra-precision activities, we have a metrology and inspection laboratory equipped with the latest systems. An example of the latter is the Carl Zeiss F25, one of the ten units available worldwide and the only one on the Iberian Peninsula. With this equipment, we ensure that our developments are properly checked and, furthermore, we offer a part measurement service to the sector with a single piece of equipment.
We must point out that the major investment in the Ultraprecision Metrology Laboratory is also reinforced by the collaboration agreement signed with Carl Zeiss, the world leader and benchmark organisation in optics and precision metrology, for the joint development and exploitation of the laboratory. Within this agreement, IK4-IDEKO has become the preferred partner of Zeiss at a national level in the precision field, the “Zeiss-IK4-IDEKO Ultraprecision Center” has been set up in our laboratory.