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Structural reliability and mechatronics

Structural reliability, fatigue, composites, condition monitoring, structural health monitoring
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Physical Sciences
Engineering & Technology

P.º J. M. Arizmendiarrieta, 2
20500 Arrasate-Mondragón, Gipuzkoa
Tel. +34 943712400
Fax. +34 943796944


Félix Martínez. Advanced manufacturing Unit. Mechanical Area Manager

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The Structural reliability and mechatronics laboratory is a fully equipped laboratory: there is equipment from universal traction Machine (300 kN), a dynamic fatigue machine (150 kN), used for material characterization and a in house developed accelerated fatigue machine, a Digital Image correlation (DIC) system, a Hardwre in the loop simulator (HIL) for real time applications and a acoustic emission (AE) system. With this equipment it is possible to characterize most of the materials and test real prototypes. This information is used for feeding the necessary data to the theoretical simulation models and validates the results obtained.


With this laboratory, IK4-IKERLAN is covering the entire value chain of the Mechanical sector: starting from the material characterization, virtual simulation and control tuning, and final prototypes or in service products validation and testing.
Structural Health Monitoring and Condition Monitoring is also covered in the offer we can bring to our customers with the aforementioned equipment and customized solutions for each application.

Other relevant information: 

Universal test machines, static and dynamic, 300 kN and 160 kN.
. Digital Image Correlation VIC 3D
. Modal analyses systems:
. Accelerometers and impact hammer, EMA and OMA
. Permanent magnet vibration testing system LDS V406
o Inertial Shaker IV47
• Acoustic emission: Vallen AMSY6)